Organising and Campaigning for Education, for Teachers and for a Socialist Future where every child can flourish.

WELCOME TO OUR WEBSITE: If you are a teacher - or a parent, school student or fellow trade unionist - looking to find out more about what teachers in the Socialist Party are saying - and doing - about the struggles to defend education, then you have come to the right place!

FIND OUT MORE:  Please click on the links below:

  • Socialist Party Teachers' Blog: Posts from Socialist Party members reporting and discussing the latest issues and campaigns in education.

  • Local Associations National Action Campaign Website: Socialist Party members take a leading role in the work of LANAC, campaigning for national action within the NUT.

  • Martin Powell-Davies' Blog: Martin, a leading Socialist Party Teacher, one of four Socialist Party members elected to the current NUT National Executive, is well-known for blogging regular updates on Union campaigns and issues.

  • International Reports: The struggle against the neo-liberal attacks on education is a global one. Find out more from the website of the Committee for a Workers' International (CWI), the socialist international to which the Socialist Party is affiliated.

  • Socialist Party Website: To find out more from the Socialist Party

  • Resources: The additional tabs on the left-hand side of this homepage link to just some of the pamphlets, leaflets and articles that have been produced by Socialist Party Teachers.

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